King of African Road



6×4 GVW33.0t

Design for all condition



8×4 GVW41.0t

Built for special terrains



4×2 GCW45.0t

Recommend for Africa



6×4 GCW60.0t

Built for the long run

ISUZU C Series with Body

Rear body and special models

with Rear body

Redefining robustness

More comfort means effortless operability

ISUZU C&E Series Cab
Cab comfort and easy operation go hand in hand. ISUZU looked carefully at what drivers need to make their job easier. High on the list are quick-read meters, storage and various convenience features, such as an optional bed for a quick nap or good rest after a hard day.
ISUZU C&E Series Driver Seats
Select from two types seats to combat fatigue
ISUZU C&E Series Center Seats
Bed & Center seat (option)
ISUZU C&E Series Air Suspension Seat
original air suspension seat
Cushions are pneumatically maintained at perfect level; high headrest improves safety
*High headrest is for LHD model only.
ISUZU C&E Series Isringhausen Air Suspension Seat
air suspension seat
The integrated seatbelt prevents the belt from getting overly tight when the seat jostles. The bucket seat provides a secure hold.
ISUZU C&E Series Easy cab access
Easy cab access
Three steps and handgrips facilitate cab ingress/egress
ISUZU C&E Series High Visibility Meters
High-visibility meters
Allow confirmation of vehicle status at a glance. The photo above shows the meter in the 6WF1 model. The meter design of models with a 6WG1 engine is equipped with a Multi-information Display.
ISUZU C&E Series Tilt and Telescopic Steering
Tilt and telescopic steering
Creates the ideal driving position
ISUZU C&E Series Power Steering
Power steering
Helps to reduce driver fatigue
ISUZU C&E Series Fluorescent Lamp
Fluorescent lamp*
Brightens every corner of the cab
ISUZU C&E Series Fluorescent Lamp
Power window switch/lock
Convenience and safety at your fingertips
ISUZU C&E Series Handle
ISUZU C&E Series Air Conditioner
Air conditioner*
Cab atmosphere stays fresh and clean
ISUZU C&E Series Center seat back tray
Center seat back tray*
Back of seat becomes a tray when folded down
ISUZU C&E Series Center seat back tray
ISUZU C&E Series Cup Holders
Cup holders
Keep two cups or cans within easy reach of driver
ISUZU C&E Series AM/FM Radio with CD Player
AM/FM radio with CD player*
Produce superior sound quality
ISUZU C&E Series Windshield Shade band
Windshield shade band*
Blocks glare and improves visibility
ISUZU C&E Series UV Cut Door Glass
UV-cut door glass*
Cuts UV rays for a more comfortable driving environment
ISUZU C&E Series Room Mirror
Room mirror*
Allows driver to check rear of cabin and through rear window
ISUZU C&E Series Spacious Bed
Spacious bed*
Optional bed to relax after a long day of driving
ISUZU C&E Series Round Curtain
Round curtain*
Handy option to assure privacy
and keep rear cabin clutter out of view
ISUZU C&E Series Reclining Seat
Reclining seat
Driver’s seat fully reclines for a quick nap