14.5t (6HH1)

ISUZU MT134 Bus Engine


ISUZU MT134 Bus Driving System

Driving system

ISUZU MT134 Bus Transmission

6 speed / MT

ISUZU MT134 Bus Power


ISUZU MT134 Bus Torque

706Nm (6HK1)

ISUZU MT134 Bus Brake System

Brake system

Recommend for 39-seater top-door layout bus

The Dependable Transport Solution

The MT134 Bus is a mover that speak of world class quality in terms of safety, environment-friendliness, engine technology, passenger comfort and even aesthetics. At the heart of the extremely powerful LT134 buses reside engine model noted for unmatched powerplant efficiency. The LT134 boasts of the 6HK1-TCN engine that yields as much as 240 horsepower. The LT134 also comes with stable wide-tread shock absorbers as standard for improved driving stability. It also includes durable chassis, engine mount on the front overhang and tough suspension. This unique chassis design of the MT134 allows to locate the passenger door in the front section so-called the “TOP-DDOR LAYOUT” with the lower floor height. The MT134 offers two types of the brake system, namely, Air Over Hydraulic (AOH) and Full Air Brake system upon customer’s needs to ensure short stopping distances even in emergency situations.

ISUZU MT134 Bus MZW Transmission

Compact, Lightweight, High-efficiency MZW Transmission
The high-performance MZW transmission transfers power with minimal loss. This high-efficiency design results in no loss of power output while also significantly reduces noise.

ISUZU MT134 Bus Engine

4HK1-TCS (Euro II)
Direct – Injection OHC
Max. Output:
154kW (210PS) / 2,600 rpm
Max. Torciue:
637N•m (65kg•m) / 1,600 rpm

ISUZU MT134 Bus Rear Stabilizer

Rear stabilizer
The rear stabilizer is available for greater running stability.

ISUZU MT134 Bus Front Suspension

Front suspension
The shock absorbers and stabilizer have been optimized to provide a more comfortable ride.

Tough Frame

ISUZU MT134 Bus Tough Frame

Easy Maintainability
Overhauls and other engine maintenance that were difficult due to the front-engine layout are now easier to perform because the engine can now be easily lifted out of the front area by removing the front cross-member. This helps make maintenance considerably easier to perform.

ISUZU MT134 Bus Easy Maintability
ISUZU MT134 Bus Reliable Brake System
ISUZU MT134 Bus Anti-lock brake system
Highly Reliable Brake System
AOH brake system 
The brake system combines the advantages of air brakes and hydraulic brakes into a single system. Light use of the pedal produces excellent response in this
air-over-hydraulic system offered as standard equipment.
Full air brake system <Optional>
This lightweight and compact brake system stores high-pressure air in an air tank and uses this air pressure to activate the brakes. Light use of the pedal is enough to produce powerful braking force.
Anti-lock brake system (ABS) <Optional>
This brake system prevents tire lockup when brakes are applied suddenly and forcefully on slippery road surfaces while also maintaining directional stability and steering control.